Lodha Azur 3 BHK Floor plan

Lodha Azur 3 BHK Floor plan

Lodha Azur 3 BHK Floor Plan offers futuristic residential flats with spacious living spaces. The project offers multiple types of floor plans and designs. The 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (3BHK) floor plan is a popular and practical choice for many homes. It provides a balance of comfort, space, and utility. A home's layout and design will significantly impact the overall living experience. A spacious 3BHK is ideal for joint families with more people.

Lodha Azur, developed by Lodha Group, provides luxurious 3, 3.5, and 4 BHK apartments. The project is located in the prime surroundings of Bannerghatta Road in South Bangalore. The developer has carefully designed the floor plan to provide maximum space and utility to the residents.

Lodha Azur 3 BHK apartments will provide a floor area of 1700 sq. ft, which is sufficient for a typical family. The floor plan of 3 BHK includes one foyer, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, one kitchen with an attached utility, and a balcony.

The Advantages of 3 BHK Floor Plan

  • Flexibility in space: We can arrange the living rooms of a three-bedroom floor plan more imaginatively because of the extra room. We can use the extra space as the visitor room, the home office, or the Kids' play area.
  • Increased Resale Value: In the real estate market, houses with a three-bedroom flat typically sell for a greater sum. The layout is a worthwhile investment because of its versatility, which attracts a wider range of potential clients. The demand for three-bedroom homes is constant, coming from an increasing number of families and individuals seeking more space for various uses.
  • Ideal for Growing Families: A home with a 3 BHK floor plan is a fantastic choice for expanding families. The additional bedrooms provide growing children with private spaces as they age, satisfying their needs. Parents can enjoy privacy and a separate bedroom in addition to the convenience of keeping an eye on the younger family members.

East-facing or south-facing residences are available in the Lodha Azur floor plan to correspond with particular Vastu directions. The concept will feature state-of-the-art, urbane filament modules that optimally use available space. These will be the best residences for raising a family because there is enough of space inside the units. Additionally, the manufacturer is aware that each unit includes a stockpiling area.

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