Hospitals near Bannerghatta Road

Hospitals near Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Road is home to top super speciality hospitals in South Bangalore, which is also a good locality to reside in. The area, also known for its good connectivity with wide roads, is easily accessible to residents of Lodha Azur and the surrounding area. Being an arterial road, it has great connectivity to the best healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Residents of Lodha Azur can easily travel to hospitals near Bannerghatta Road, saving them time. To get the best medical care, one can drive a private vehicle or use public transportation in the region. Several well-known hospitals in the area offer top-notch services.

The reputed and Best Hospitals in Bannerghatta Road with world-class treatment facilities are;

  • Apollo Hospitals: Renowned for its complete healthcare services, Apollo Hospitals offers the best facilities and a team of skilled medical experts. Specializing in various medical disciplines ensures patient-centric care and advanced treatments, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking quality healthcare.
  • Fortis Hospital: Fortis Hospital on Bannerghatta Road is known for its excellent healthcare services, modern infrastructure, and wide range of medical specialities. The hospital is committed to patient welfare and provides personalized care and creative treatment methods, making it a trusted destination for healthcare.
  • Sakra World Hospital: Sakra World Hospital is known for its world-class healthcare services. Equipped with new technologies and a team of skilled healthcare specialists, the hospital offers holistic care across various medical domains.
  • Jayadeva Hospital: It is a leading cardiac care centre renowned for its expertise in heart-related treatments. With new facilities and a dedicated team of cardiologists and surgeons, it offers complete cardiac care services, including diagnostics, interventions, and surgeries.

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