Lodha Azur Price List

Lodha Azur Price List

In real estate, a price list is a document that lists all of the individual unit costs inside a development. It usually gives an itemized list of all the fees, including base pricing, parking, maintenance, and other expenses.

The Lodha Azur Price list is a comprehensive collection of price details that enables prospective homeowners to comprehend the detailed breakdown of expenses easily. Charges, including property description, pricing, payment plans, extra expenses, and more, are included in this price list.

In South Bangalore, there is a posh housing development called Lodha Azur. Amidst ten acres of verdant surroundings, it provides a peaceful way of life. Beautifully designed flats, including roomy penthouses, are available in this building. At Lodha Bannerghatta, every apartment is meticulously built to provide the ideal balance of comfort and elegance. Lodha Bannerghatta offers its residents an upgraded lifestyle, first-rate amenities, and a vibrant community.

The price list for a property such as Lodha Azur consists of multiple items. Some of the essential components that are usually listed in the price list are as follows:

  • Base Price: Based on the size and type of unit (such as a 3 BHK, 3.5 BHK, 4 BHK, or penthouse), this is the basic cost of the property.
  • Payment Plan: This specifies when the buyer must make payments. It typically consists of a booking fee upfront and several payments spread out during development.
  • Maintenance Charges: Residents must pay these costs to maintain common areas and facilities. Typically, they are billed either monthly or annually.
  • Car Parking Fees: Should the property have a parking area, there can be extra costs.
  • Clubhouse Fees: Should the property have a clubhouse equipped with amenities such as a gym, pool, etc., there can be extra costs associated with using these services.
  • Infrastructure Charges: These are the costs associated with the project's infrastructure, including water supply and power backup.
  • Legal Charges: Typically, the buyer is responsible for paying stamp duty, registration fees, legal costs, and other related expenses.
  • Taxes: This category covers several government levies, such as property taxes and the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

With Lodha Azur offering apartments at various pricing points, it's a perfect fit for budget-conscious buyers on Bannerghatta Road. The price list allows purchasers to easily select the units that align with their budget. The flats in this project are priced according to the size and tower location, ensuring there's a home for every budget.

Lodha Azur will launch in 2024, and the buyers can take possession of it in December 2028. The project will be finished on time, as Lodha Group always meets deadlines.

Buyers can begin reserving their dream home in this project by visiting Lodha Azur's booking page. Given that the neighbourhood is growing quickly and offers outstanding value for money, now is the ideal moment to invest.

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