Lodha Azur Price

Unit Type Size Price
3 BHK 1900 - 2000 Sq Ft Rs. 2.25 Cr* Onwards
3.5 BHK 2300 - 2400 Sq.Ft Rs. 2.70 Cr* Onwards
4 BHK 3000 - 3200 Sq.Ft Rs. 3.40 Cr* Onwards

The prestigious Lodha Azur price for a 3 BHK flat starts at Rs. 2.25 crore and goes up to Rs. 3.40 crore. This newly launched residential project spans 10 acres. It boasts four majestic towers, each rising 28 floors high. It houses 540 exquisite apartment units. Residents are pampered with a selection of premium flooring options and many top-notch amenities, making it a true haven of elegance and comfort.

Lodha Azur’s price sheet will be designed to provide competitive pricing within the luxury segment. The development aims to deliver exceptional value for the amenities, location, and quality of construction offered. Lodha Azur will ensure that the investment provides long-term value and a rewarding living experience by balancing affordability and opulence.

Lodha Group is the most relied and lauded real estate developer across India. It grows at delivering value homes to its worthy clients by making their dream of holding a luxury home at affordable prices come true. Lodha Azur’s price list presents affordable pricing with great discounts to investors, promising an alluring return. The project will also offer flexible payment plans that relieve the burden on buyers, allowing them to make convenient and structured payment plans as per their financial capabilities.

Bannerghatta Road is one of the emerging localities in South Bangalore, with all the basic amenities within the vicinity. The designers have always set high standards and will provide a deeper knowledge of the current price trends before developing the property price for all its projects. Lodha Alpha’s pre-launch price will come under the horizon of affordable apartment projects.

Lodha Azur will be one of the best-selling luxury apartments in Bangalore. The below-mentioned points are assessed in depth while considering the price of apartments in Lodha Azur.

  1. Price of apartments in Lodha Azur
  2. Price of apartments on Bannerghatta Road
  3. Price of apartments in Bangalore
  4. Payment Plan – The upright decision by Lodha Group
  5. Bangalore real estate price trends
  6. Current Price on Bannerghatta Road and price trends
  7. Cost sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Price of apartments in Lodha Azur

Price of apartments in Lodha Azur

The elegant residential enclave Lodha Azur offers apartments with various dimensions to cater to everyone's needs. The project has the finest options to suit every buyer’s needs. The price attraction benefits users who are looking for the best investment choice. The project will have good future growth as the land values are increasing fast in the area. The tentative starting price of 3 BHK apartments in Lodha Azur will be 2.25 crores.

On average, Lodha Azur apartments will be available for purchase at a fair price of Rs. 7,000 per sq. ft. Considering the area and amenities provided, the prices are highly feasible and cost-effective. The pricing per square foot may start at Rs. 7,000.

The payment schedule of the project has a convenient way to pay in instalments. The builder still needs to reveal the complete payment plan as the project is in pre-launch. The builders will release the complete pricing details soon, including the price list and the apartment sizes. Investing in Lodha Alpha apartments is the best option for buyers as it is a luxury development that hosts a gamut of amenities while providing excellent development in a location near the city.

Price of apartments in Bannerghatta Road

Price of apartments in Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Road, also known as the state highway 87, is located to the South of Bangalore. Of the upscale residential hubs in Bengaluru, the locality around Bannerghatta Road offers great properties surrounded by well-planned infrastructure, including gardens, hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Here are a few more reasons why a home on Bannerghatta Road is the perfect investment decision.

1. The Upcoming Metro

The Upcoming Metro

The new metro line from Nagavara to Gottigere will offer residents on Bannerghatta Road a quick and seamless commute. Along with the upcoming metro development, the locality boasts robust social and civic infrastructure, further boosting the real estate market.

2. Profitable Returns

Profitable Returns

Property prices along Bannerghatta Road are poised to rise owing to the burgeoning development, boom in MNC offices, and efficient connectivity network. Reputable builders make the most of the residential demand by developing and offering premium properties here.

3. Premium Living

Premium Living

Bannerghatta Road is home to both premium and affordable housing choices. There has also been a growth of high-rise luxury apartments and townships in the suburbs. The preference for high-end residences from homebuyers and investors will lead to a rise in luxury realty investment over time.

The average price of property in Bannerghatta Road is Rs. 8,500 per sq. ft. The usual 3 BHK apartments in this locality will cost up to 1.5 crores. A luxurious 3 BHK apartment with all the modern amenities and quality living will be offered at a starting price of 1.8 crores. The market value of the place is rising rapidly because of its strategic connectivity to all modes of transportation and the basic amenities.

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is a thriving metropolis with rapid growth in its real estate sector over the years. The city’s vibrant economy, the influx of multinational companies, and the increasing population have contributed to a dynamic real estate market. The real estate market in Bangalore city is witnessing a robust growth trajectory fueled by the city’s strong economic development and its status as a prominent IT hub in India. With a large pool of skilled professionals and a growing middle class, there is a significant surge in greater demand for housing and commercial spaces. Furthermore, the government’s emphasis on enhancing infrastructure and connectivity has amplified Bangalore’s allure as a lucrative destination for real estate investment.

From budget-friendly apartments to luxurious homes, the city offers diverse choices to accommodate buyers with varying preferences and budgets. Moreover, developing integrated townships and gated communities has dramatically influenced Bangalore’s real estate landscape. These planned communities offer many amenities, such as parks, recreational facilities, shopping complexes, and healthcare centres within a self-contained environment.

The places in Bangalore, which is rapidly developing and providing greater returns

  • Jayanagar
  • Koramangala
  • Bannerghatta Road
  • Attibele
  • Basavanagudi

The average price of a comfortable 3 BHK apartment in prime locations in Bangalore is Rs. 1.25 crores. The average monthly rent of 3 BHK apartments in places with well-developed infrastructure and connectivity is Rs. 30,000.

Payment plan – The upright decision

Payment plan The upright decision

Multiple payment plans exist in a realty undertaking, like a construction-linked plan, a Down payment plan, etc. Innovators and financial institutions usually observe this plan before picking it up. Financial institutions or banks approve the payment plans based on the customer’s eligibility.

Lodha Azur’s payment plan is being discussed and will be open soon as the project is still in pre- launch status. The developers will fast-release the pricing facts with the complete price list showing various dimensions or configurations of apartments. However, giving valuable options will help developers to speed up selling.

RERA lays out a general plan for projects that are in the process of being built, which is. It includes the below-mentioned stages:

  • The buyer must pay 10% of the property’s cost when booking a home.
  • As the construction begins, the buyer must pay an additional 10% of the price.
  • Upon completion up to the plinth level, 15% of the value will be paid.
  • The buyer must pay 2% to 5% as every step of construction is completed.
  • After plastering, painting, and plumbing, 5% will be paid.
  • The remaining 5% of the price will be paid upon home possession.

New-launch property investment will always bring benefits as it draws early bird offers or huge markdowns on the property. Lodha Azur’s launch price is lower than the confirmed deal price of the possessions. The cost will fall under the class of reasonable apartment expansion and cost- effective, glimpsing at the recent price trends of Bannerghatta Road.

Bangalore real estate trends

Bangalore real estate trends

The city’s status as the IT capital of India has attracted numerous multinational companies and startups, leading to an increased market for office spaces and commercial complexes. As a result, developers are focusing on constructing state-of-the-art office buildings that cater to the specific requirements of modern businesses, including amenities like high-speed internet connectivity, flexible workspaces, and advanced technological infrastructure. As a result, the commercial real estate segment in Bangalore is witnessing substantial growth, driven by the city’s thriving business environment and the need for expansion among existing enterprises.

Location Average rate Rental yield
Thanisandra 8,500 per sq. ft 9%
Hennur Road 8,900 per sq. ft 10%
J P Nagar 9,500 per sq. ft 11%
Koramangala 13,500 per sq. ft 12%
Brookfield 14,500 per sq. ft 18%

The real estate industry in Bangalore is witnessing significant transformation, driven by factors such as co-working spaces, sustainable development, affordable housing, tech-enabled services, and mixed-use developments. These trends reflect the changing preferences and demands of buyers, investors, and tenants. As the city continues to grow and evolve, stakeholders in the real estate sector have to adapt to these trends and embrace innovative approaches that cater to the dynamic trends and needs of the market. By embracing these trends, Bangalore’s real estate industry is poised to thrive and contribute to the city’s overall growth and development.

Current price on Bannerghatta Road and price trends

Current price on Bannerghatta Road and price trends

Bannerghatta Road is located in the prime location of Bangalore due to its prime attributes. This area boasts excellent connectivity, making it easy for residents to travel to various parts of the city. It is well-served by transportation options, including buses and other modes of public transport, ensuring convenient commutes. Moreover, Bannerghatta Road is close to essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and entertainment venues. This makes it a perfect location for individuals and families who desire convenience and accessibility in their daily lives. Bannerghatta Road has become a highly desired destination for residential and commercial developments.

Due to its proximity to tech parks and workspaces, Bannerghatta Road has a sizable floating population. There is now a demand for rental homes here. A lot of young professionals are looking to rent homes in the area. Investors profit by buying homes in the area and renting them out. The prices of real estate in the area have been going up. These increasing prices have made the area profitable to buy property in. Commercial and residential property prices have increased a lot in the recent past.

The average price of properties in Bannerghatta Road is 8,500 per sq. ft, with an annual increase of 9.5 per cent. The locality is perfect for those who wish to invest in properties. Because after one or two years of investing, the location will provide good returns.

Cost sheet – The ultimate document for customer decision

Cost sheet The ultimate document for customer decision

The cost sheet gives buyers an idea about the complete payment details and has the best payment schedule to suit all buyers. The cost sheet for Lodha Azur reflects a strategic approach by Lodha Group to ensure that the project's pricing aligns with market standards, making it attainable to a wide range of income groups.

The following elements make up the total cost of the apartment:

  • Agreement value
  • Other expenses
  • Stamp duty and registration
  • Taxes
  • Base price
  • Sale value
  • Total rate
  • Applicable GST for the specific apartments

Lodha Group conducts thorough research on price trends before determining the appropriate pricing strategy for the project. The transparency and flexibility in payment options for booking an apartment in Lodha Azur align with the evolving needs of the modern homebuyer, making Lodha Alpha a desirable investment opportunity for those seeking a luxurious residence and a financially convenient path to homeownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do the apartments at Lodha Azur cost?

The developer will soon release the actual prices of the project's apartments. The approximate price is Rs.2.25 Cr* for a 3 BHK Apartment.

2. Will there be any extra charges associated with buying a home?

The pricing will include all taxes and fees. GST will also be applied. The project has additional expenses for parking, upkeep, and other amenities.

3. What are the payment plans usually possessed by the builder?

The builder possesses various payment plans, which include a construction-linked plan, a down payment plan, and A pay-some amount and nothing till possession. The builder will discuss all payment-related matters with the bank and then only decide.

4. Is it worth investing in Lodha Azur?

Lodha Azur is worth investing in and living in, and there are high chances of getting good returns out of it in the future because of its strategic location and the reputed builder.

5. Is it good to buy apartments in the pre-launch stage?

Buying an apartment while still in the pre-launch stage will be beneficial. The pre-launch Lodha Alpha price of the dwellings will be less than the price after launch.

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